Sofar Battery Storage Update.

Sofar are leading the way with the upcoming G98/G99 updates meaning all grid tied inverters and Storage solutions must comply to these new standards, we can offer these solutions to all of our customers both existing and new, the great thing is with these inverters the Pylon batteries are stackable upto 19.2KWH.

They are also upgradeable further down the line, so you could buy 4.8KWH of storage now, and if you find this is not enough you can add more batteries as you go upto a total of 8!

IF you need anymore information on battery storage solutions get in touch with us now!

Energy Efficiency Awards

We are pleased to announce that we have been nominated for 2 awards in the upcoming energy efficiency awards.

First is Local Solar Pv Installer of the year.

Second is Small scale project of the year.


We will let you know on the evening if we have been successful. Fingers Crossed!!

Latest News

The End of the FIT tariff has come, but now is still a great time to go solar, using all of your generated solar and storing it into Batteries or hot water system can save you £££'s a year.