Solis 3.6kW Storage Hybrid / Pylon 4.8kWh Upgrade Installed


This system will replace your current inverter whilst also giving you the upgrade of a 4.8 KWhr battery to help you use more of your Solar energy, rather than sending it back to the grid. This can help you utilise upto 85% of your generated solar.



Price Includes all fixtures and Fittings. Within 75 Miles of Npes Solar Head office.



Domestic scale hybrid storage system.

The 3.6kW rated power of the Solis RHI 3.6 when matched with two Pylon batteries, delivers up to 2.4kW of discharge power. That’s perfect for supplying most of the electrical loads in the evening.

Solis Hybrid products have a separate AC output for essential loads, so they can offer protection for certain important appliances in the event of a power cut.

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