Sofar AC Retrofit Battery system 2.4KWhr Installed.


Price Includes all fixtures and Fittings. Within 75 Miles of Npes Solar Head office.



This AC coupled battery storage system from SoFar solar offers tremendous value – combining the SoFar ME 3000SP with one 2.4kWh Pylontech lithium battery. As this is an AC coupled kit it is suitable for any existing or new PV array, even those with dual tracker inverters, microinverters or power optimisers.

Monitoring is built in as standard and can be viewed via their android app. Charging from the grid is also possible meaning that customers on Economy 7 or similar can take advantage of this and store electricity overnight for use in the morning, before the PV has fired up.

As a rough rule of thumb this would be suitable for systems up to 2.5kW, depending on the home usage profile.

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