Sofar Hybrid Inverter upgrade with 4.8KWhr Battery Fitted.


This system will replace your current inverter whilst also giving you the upgrade of a 4.8KWhr battery to help you use more of your Solar energy, rather than sending it back to the grid. This can help you utilise upto 85% of your generated solar.

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The SoFar HYD Hybrid Inverter is the complete solution for your new PV system. Combining the best of their popular AC charger-inverter and the TLM PV inverter series, the HYD is the integrated answer to your battery storage and PV needs in one impressively priced unit.

The HYD is flexible and easy to operate. This IP65 rated unit has a wide input voltage range and utilises a precise, real-time MPPT algorithm to maximise power generation from your PV system. This can be used to directly charge your batteries to save any surplus energy, rather than exporting to the grid, for use when the sun’s not shining. The HYD is also intelligent, with built-in export limitation and AC output limitation in response to grid frequency and voltage extremes.

Monitoring of your PV production and battery activity is clear and simple using the easy-to-read LCD display on the unit or through SoFar’s user-friendly app on your phone or computer.

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