Commercial Solar

Here at Npes Solar we are an Award winning Company who pride ourselves on our level of customer service. All of our customers rate us on our before and aftercare service which is unrivalled in the Industry.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Generating your own electricity will significantly lower your companies carbon footprint and improve the perception of your business. For example a 50Kw system will reduce your business CO2 emmissions by around 25 tonnes per annum.


Financial Benefits

Generating and using your own green electricity lowers your demand from the grid, potentially saving your business thousands. With electricity prices constantly rising, investing in Solar Pv will help future proof your company.


Awards and Achievements

We are very proud to have won the Energy Efficiency Award for small scale project in the West Midlands 2019. This was on a 30Kw Solar PV system on a food manufacturing building in Halesowen. We also had nominations in the National awards which was a great achievement.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Going green and installing solar can enhance your corporate social responsibility (CSR) and will also demonstrate that your company takes sustainability and environment protection seriously.

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